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New Service Announcement – Paint Protection Films

Due to increased customer enquiry over the last 12 months Sign Up Fleet have been trailing a range of optical clear Paint Protection Films.  Paint Protection Film (PPF) protects your vehicle from physical paint damage caused by road debris, stone chips as well as scratches, keying and bird droppings.

It is a protective film and differs from a ceramic coating which is a polish that most aftermarket dealers sell. This film will protects your vehicle and increases future resale value.

It features a high gloss (hydrophobic layer) offering that highly polished super car look. Films are available in gloss, matte and specialty carbon finishes. There are two grades of film available with 5 and 10 year warranties options available.

Applications of the film consist of whole vehicle wraps, partial wraps and individual components such as front bumpers, mirrors, bonnets, door cups etc. We have put together popular packages which can be viewed at

PPF is suitable for high end luxury cars, super cars and 4WD off-road vehicles. Speak to one of our representatives for applications and pricing.