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Does Signage On Vehicles Work?

Yes, because it makes your fleet cars stand out. When people are driving they are also thinking about the other things they should be doing. With signage or a wrap on your fleet, customers will see it and call you first. It’s a 24/7 mobile advertisement.

Less is more

The design process for creating signage or a wrap on a fleet vehicle is different from a brochure or online banner. The design should frame your company name and create a natural resting point for the eye which amplifies the visual impact of your company logo and contact information.

A designer that specialises in car wraps and fleet signage will allow for the contours in the panels and maximise the space by avoiding door handles and windows.

Colours matter

Your brand is more than the company logo. Your brand is how existing and potential customers perceive your business and the colours that you use have a big influence on their opinions.

The signage on your fleet cars should use the colours in the logo in a positive way and leave enough white space to provide a clean and modern look.

Simple or creative

This depends on your marketing strategy and campaign objectives. If you’re launching a new product and using your fleet cars as part of the campaign then a full wrap with eye catching creative will definitely work.

If your objective is to be seen in your local community, or advertise your business while on the go, then a simple design with your logo, phone number and website will be enough to get the word out.

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