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Est. 2004 Sign Up Fleet specialises in the rollout of fleet vehicle signage projects for customers that appreciate the importance for their brand being recognised on the road.

Working with mid-sized to large organisations and having in-house design, production and installation capabilities we are your one stop shop for your fleet branding needs.

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Strategic Design & Consultation

Our in-house vehicle signage design specialists will advise you on the best solution for your business, whether it be brand awareness, to generate more enquiries or make a statement on the road.


National Reach

We have you covered with a national network of accredited partner installers from the cities to regional towns.

Designing Within Your Budget

Whether you have a small or large budget to spend our expert creative design team will make sure you get bang for your buck. We offer a range of payment options to help you if needed so there is no limit to your imagination.

Consistency & Quality Assured

With in-house (best practice) production and use of premium materials you can be assured of brand consistency across your entire fleet assets each and every time.


Minimising Off Road Time

We understand your need to minimise time off the road. By cleverly tailoring the design and install requirements our experienced Project Managers will work with your team to ensure your vehicles are completed with minimal disruption to your business.


Warranty & Accreditations

As an Avery Specialist Convertor we provide our customer’s sound warranties on top of material manufacturer warranties to give you the peace of mind knowing the workmanship and materials are guaranteed.

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What is a vinyl wrap

The term wrapping is widely understood to describe placing graphics on a vehicle. However there remains some confusion as to what a wrap actually is? Many of our customers think placing logos and basic text on the doors of their vehicle is wrapping, which it isn’t. A wrap in essence is the covering of an entire vehicle in a vinyl film for the sake of protection, decorative effect or wow factor branding.

There are full wraps which is self-explanatory and partial wraps covering a sections of a vehicle such as the rear half, rear quarter etc. Wraps can be used as a backing in combination with vinyl cut lettering and logos to create an overall design solution.

Wraps can be classed as:

  • Colour change wraps often a single vinyl colour or
  • Digital printed wraps incorporating graphic design and images

At Sign Up Fleet the majority of the wrap projects we complete are business branding wraps for fleet customers. Some of the benefits of wrapping are:

  • 24/7 advertising. Wraps are the perfect medium to obtain enquiries whilst driving.
  • Stylish branding. A professional way to brand your business and impress customers.
  • Vehicle Protection. Modern wrap films offer a barrier against road wear and tear and with easy removable adhesives they maximise the resale value of you vehicles come sale time.

How long will a wrap last?

Vinyl manufacturers warrant their films for certain environments for example heat and humidity, cold and frost and UV exposure. In Australia there are different warranties for different State zones.
In addition there are different warranties relating to where the vinyl is installed on a vehicle. Horizontal applications are exposed to more UV than vertical applications therefore the warranties are different.

Another consideration is the production of graphics whether a solid coloured vinyl product is used or a printed product used where ink sits on top of a white base media and will eventually fade overtime. Laminates can be used to extend the life of printed graphics which also affects durability and warranty.

If you are embarking on a vehicle branding project we encourage you to contact one of our friendly representatives to discuss options, production approaches and warranties.

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