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Naked cars don’t get a second glance!

What do you notice when you’re driving? When you’re sitting in traffic or running errands, many things grab your attention, even if only for a second. But a fleet car without signage or stickers probably won’t even raise an eyebrow. It’s just another naked car.

Vehicle signage works the opposite to clothing. People get noticed for wearing less clothes while cars, utes and trucks get noticed when they are wrapped in logos and colours.

If you want people to notice your fleet vehicles on the road, you need to brand them with a logo and some contact details. However, like clothes, there are fashion trends that a trained fleet graphic designer can help you follow.

The design on your fleet needs to coordinate with your website and social channels. It should amplify your brand and attract customers with a modern feel using the best quality vinyls that won’t deteriorate in harsh conditions. And not all designs fit like a glove. Just like clothes, some vehicles shouldn’t wear certain colours or patterns because of their size and shape.

A specialist car wrap designer will work around the curves and door handles to enhance the shape of the vehicle. They’ll know when to use one-way vinyl to carry the design across the windows without interrupting the view of the driver.

Even the font is important. It’s like buttons or stitching on a jacket. A little detail that gives a quality finish and lets people know the kind of products and service they’ll get form your business.

You also need to know what not to include. Do you want customers to call or visit your website? How your business operates needs to be incorporated into the design. If you’re not active on social media you shouldn’t include the icons.

At Sign Up Fleet we’ll help your business find it’s style so your fleet can strut through the traffic turning heads. To find out more call us on 1300 982 784 or email us at