Top 4 Tips On Vehicle Branding for Agencies

Marketing agencies and their graphic designers have a talent that allows them to transform ideas into wonderful campaigns that engage buyers and attract them to the brands of their customers. Applying the campaign across different types of media also requires a unique set of skills.

For advertising agencies and marketing companies, vehicle signage can be the last element added to a campaign so the design may be compromised which will make it less effective.

Sign Up Fleet has been specialising in vehicle branding for over 10 years and works with advertising agencies to help them implement car and truck signage solutions linked to larger campaigns and company rebranding projects.

Because vehicles aren’t a flat canvas, the specialist team of vehicle signage designers at Sign Up Fleet have developed these top 4 tips to help agencies convert campaign graphics into car, van and truck wraps.

The top 4 tips are:

  1. Consider the curves and bumps
  2. Avoid door handles and windows
  3. Less is more
  4. There are four sides

Vehicles have curves and bumps

Cars with branding are also called mobile billboards though they aren’t as flat. This is the first thing to remember when applying campaign artwork to vehicles because not all graphic elements look the same when wrapped around a corner.

Designers should consider where the main features are positioned using the central parts of the vehicle for the larger elements and adjusting the scale to suit. This might mean using solid colours with less graphic elements to avoid losing the impact.

Avoid door handles and windows

There are two main components which influence the cost of signage on company cars – materials and labour. A full truck cabin wrap costs more than a car or van because there is more vinyl over a larger surface area.

However, using the same amount of materials can cost more to install if the design doesn’t work around the door handles, mirrors, and windows. It’s like painting a house. The walls are easy and quick to paint using a roller. The corners and fitting take more time with a brush.

When wrapping one vehicle, like a food truck, it’s not a big deal. However for a national fleet, adding extra installation time will also add significant costs.

Less is more

When you read the client brief, what are they trying to achieve with signage on their cars, utes and trucks? Are they trying to generate leads, create awareness, or be noticed in the community?

A popular brand doesn’t require much more than a logo for the vehicle signage support a campaign. Small businesses need their phone number, website and socials in a prominent position to generate enquiries.

So understanding the business objectives will ensure enough information is included to avoid an complicated and low impact design.

There are 4 sides

Vehicles get seen from many different angles depending on where they are parked and the flow of traffic. Most designers focus on the side of the vehicle and forget about the bonnet and rear bumper. There’s an opportunity to enhance different design elements on each side.

Both sides are normally the same design for symmetry but the front and rear can be used for different things. Phones numbers are popular on the rear and logos work well on the bonnet to catch the attention of approaching traffic.

The design team at Sign Up Fleet have years of experience with van signage, car wraps and truck branding. They can transform marketing campaigns into traffic stopping fleet signage solutions. So engage a car branding specialist early to guarantee the WOW factor in your next product launch.