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McLaren 570GT Paint Protection wrap

Mclaren 570 GT PPF Case Study

Paint protection film wraps are slowly but surely gaining traction in the Australian market for those wishing to protect their vehicles against road debris, scratches, malicious damage and general wear and tear. A service that has been almost exclusive for super cars and luxury vehicles is now being offered by a select few specialist installers of which Sign Up Fleet is one.

The latest vehicle to enter our shop for a wrap was this McLaren 570GT supercar. Using ‘Suntek Ultra’ which is a 10 year warranted high gloss film the car left the shop looking fabulous and fully protected.

Paint protection Film or PPF is relatively new to Australian market and differs from Ceramic polish on coatings by offering a physical barrier against stone chips and light scratching. In fact PPF film is so tough its difficult to penetrate with sharp objects such as a screwdriver and offers the ultimate protection for your pride and joy.

PPF is a thick optical clear urethane film that features a hydrophobic top layer giving that highly polished look car enthusiasts desire. The film can be removed down the track revealing a perfect paint finish underneath therefore increasing the resale value of your vehicle.

The process of installing the film begins by templating the vehicle and computer cutting the individual body panel pieces using our wide format vinyl plotter. The treatment of the vehicle involves thorough cleaning and clay baring if necessary to remove paint imperfections. The film pieces are applied wet using a measured fluid formula with great care and precision. A range of specialised squeegees are used to applicate and remove the liquid before drying.  Being an optical clear film it is imperative that the install facility is controlled, dust free and extremely well-lit to ensure a perfect installation. The film cannot be successfully installed at external sites and garages etc.

PPF applications can be tailored to the level of protection you desire from Full protection which involves coverage to all body panels of the vehicle to individual components. Some clients prefer to protect the front and side mirrors of the vehicle whilst others opt for a strip of film on the bonnet and rear boot areas. The choice is yours.

In relation to vehicle types, our customers typically drive luxury Sedans, Super Cars, Dual Cab Utes and 4WD vehicles that want a level of protection whilst off-roading.

We offer a range of options so contact us for more details.  (link to request form)

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